24-Port Layer 3 Stackable 10G Switch


24-Port Layer 3 Stackable 10G Switch

• 20 Ports 10 Gigabit SFP+ Slots and 4-port 10GBASE-T/SFP+ Combo Port
• Supports Lossless Ethernet Feature via Data Center Bridging (DCB)
• Support IEEE 802.1Qbb (PFC) , IEEE 802.1Qaz (ETS), IEEE 802.1Qau (CN)
• Switch supports a two rate and single-rate Three Color Marker (trTCM/srTCM)
• Support ITU-T G.8032 Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS)
• Switch Resource Management (SRM) for flexible management of system resources
• Physical Stacking via four 10G ports, can stack up to 4 devices
• Virtual Stacking/Clustering of up to 32 units via D-Link Single IP Management


The xStack DGS-3400 series of next generation switches delivers performance, flexibility, security, multi-layer Quality of Service (QoS), and redundant power options for SMBs and enterprises. With high Gigabit port densities for desktop connections, SFP fiber connectivity, 10-Gigabit uplink options, and enhanced Layer 2+ functions, these switches comprise the workgroup access-layer stack for seamless integration with L3 core switches to form part of a multi-level network structured with a highspeed backbone and centralized servers.

Unparalleled Flexibility

Any switch in the DGS-3400 series can operate as a stand-alone device or as part of a scalable stack. Embedded with Single IP Management capability, a standalone switch can form part of a virtual stack, where intra-stack traffic flows through the usual network wires, doing away with costly stacking cables. Without stacking cables, cable distance barriers, and physical stacking limitations, a virtual stack can comprise units that are located anywhere on the network, minimizing the impact of any single point of failure.

Redundant Ring Stacking

Alternatively, optional 10-Gigabit modules can be installed in the open slots to create a physical stack. Up to 12 units or 576 Gigabit ports can be configured for a stack.1 Users can install one or two single-port modules, depending on whether linear or faulttolerant ring stacking is implemented. With each of these ports providing 20 Gbps full duplex transmission on cost-effective coaxial cable, the DGS-3400 series not only provides high-bandwidth stacking, but also cost control capabilities that allow users to add ports strictly on a per need basis. Modules with a single 10-Gigabit XFP can also be installed in any of the open slots for uplink to servers or a fiber backbone.

Intelligent Layer 2 Switches

The DGS-3400 Series provides a complete set of security features, which includes L2/L3/L4 multi-layer Access Control Lists and 802.1x user authentication via TACACS+ and RADIUS servers. In addition, it offers suppression capabilities and Layer 3 IPv4/v6 Static Routing to increase network performance and security. Built-in D-Link ZoneDefense technology allows businesses to integrate the switch stack with D-Link NetDefend firewalls to implement a fullcoverage, proactive security architecture.

Security, Performance & Availability

The DGS-3400 Series provides extensive VLAN support, including GARP/GVRP and 802.1Q VLAN to enhance security and performance. To support converged applications including VoIP, ERP, Intranet and video conferencing, a robust set of L2/L3/L4 QoS/CoS features ensures that critical network services are served with proper priority. To prevent malicious traffic flooding caused by worms or virus infections, the DGS-3400 series utilizes the D-Link Safeguard Engine to increase the switch’s reliability, serviceability, and availability. Bandwidth Control can be flexibly set for each port using pre-defined thresholds to ensure a committed level of service for end users. For advanced applications, per-flow bandwidth control allows for easy fine-tuning of service types based on specific IP addresses or protocols.

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